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  • Is Darts a Real Sport?

    Is Darts A Sport? (And Why)

    It can be easy to see this as a common bar and pub game as more of a hobby or board game than a real sport at first glance. But is darts a sport? More

  • London Olympics

    Should Darts Be An Olympic Sport?

    Yes, darts should be an Olympic sport. For years now fans and members of the media have debated amongst themselves about the possibility of instating the game of darts as an Olympic sport. It is unfortunate that so many people are unwilling to keep an open mind with respect to the game of darts and its organized form. Let’s us take a closer look. More

  • Are Dart Players Tested For Drugs?

    Are Darts Players Tested for Drugs?

    Yes. Darts players are drug tested as a part of anti-doping regulations set by the World Darts Federation, WDF. Darts players are tested for drugs if they want to be accredited as WDF recognized players or team members, belonging to different darts clubs and leagues. More

  • Fat dart player

    Why Are Dart Players Fat?

    Not all dart players are overweight. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like the rest of us do. To me, a professional darts player has nothing to envy in the elite athletes of the world. For example, the skill and finesse required to hit a 180 are not inferior to that required when serving an ace. More