Last year we brought you some of the best darts you can find on the market. Well, we are back for 2024 our updated picks for the best tungsten darts.

Everyone has a unique style and is looking for something different in their darts. We know that, so we made sure to include a wide variety of our favorite darts.

Whether you are an eager noob or a devoted veteran, buying a new set of darts can be a daunting task since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options.

Tungsten darts are the best darts you can get. The higher density of the metal over other materials such as brass, allows them to be thinner and still maintain their weight. Thinner darts mean tighter grouping and ultimately improved scoring

Our Top Pick For Top Tungsten Darts

Of all the tungsten darts on the list, we really like the Special Edition Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion Darts by Red Dragon. They are beautiful, they are thin, and they are what the champ uses. If you want the “best darts” you can find, you can not go wrong with the Snakebites. Hop on over to Amazon and grab a set now.

Peter Wright Snakebite World Champion Tapered SE 23 Gram Professional Darts Set Including Flights and Shafts (Stems)
  • Peter Wright Snakebite World Champion Tapered SE 23 Gram Professional Darts Set with Snakebite Hardcore Flights and Red Dragon Nitrotech Shafts

If Snakebites are not your style, then don’t fret, we have something for every dart player.

The Best Tungsten Darts

MvG Design Aspire by Winmau

MvG Design Aspire 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts - Michael Van Gerwin

Made by Winmau, the worldwide leader in dart products and accessories, with the help of the legendary Michael Van Gerwen, the MvG Aspire darts are a great option for any beginner looking to get into the world of darts with a legitimate kit.

After just a few games it becomes obvious that these darts have been carefully designed to provide players with high-level performance and a consistent experience.

I like 24g darts, but Winmau has made versions weighted as light as 21 grams and as heavy as 26 grams. They are center heavy, which meant that flight is stable, and throwing them with consistent precision comes naturally enough.

The Aspire have a parallel barrel profile, giving them a very nice grip in hand. Two grip zones are available, situated front and rear.

The 80% high-quality tungsten alloy, makes the 6.6mm x 50.8mm dart feel so well-balanced that it takes a while to readjust your throw after switching to a different set of darts. If you are a beginner looking for darts with a stunning design that can help you elevate your game to new heights, the MvG Design Aspire darts by Winmau are a fantastic option.

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2019 Gary Anderson World Champion Edition by Unicorn

Unicorn 2019 Edition - Gary Anderson World Champion 90 Percent Tungsten Dart

The 2019 Gary Anderson World Champion edition darts by leading dart manufacturer Unicorn are an ideal option for those that prefer slim barrels with high levels of grip.

The barrel is the typical Gary Anderson design we’ve all come to love, meaning it is a straight barrel with a ringed grip throughout the entire length, except for a small section at the very end where you find Anderson’s engraved signature. The double ring design gives these darts a very good grip, but never so much that you feel the darts stick to your fingers.

Surprisingly these work very well across different grip styles. However, these darts will truly shine if you go for a top-heavy grip with a horizontal throw.

At 90% high-quality tungsten alloy, these come in 21, 23, 25, and 27-gram versions. If the weight sounds right for you, I recommend the 23-gram version, at 52.3mm by 6.4mm, since these are the ones used by Gary Anderson himself.

Something to note is the fact that these darts have unusually long tips, which some people might not like.

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Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion by Red Dragon

Peter Wright Snakebite World Champion Tapered SE Professional Darts Set Including Flights and Shafts (Stems)

Special edition darts are very common, which, ironically, makes them less special in my eyes. However, this special edition Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion tapered darts by Red Dragon fully deserve the moniker.

The tapered design of these darts, the result of extensive trajectory analysis and dynamic testing by Red Dragon, allow for increased accuracy, giving much more flexibility when it comes time to land those all-important checkouts.

On a technical side, the Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion darts weigh in at 23 grams and are made out of a very respectable 90% Tungsten alloy. They measure 7.1mm x 50.8mm and present a 2BA thread with some lovely buttress grooves and square grooves.

The result is a very balanced dart with a centered mass, specialist-feeling barrel, tapered front profile, and the PVD rainbow surface finish is very stylish.

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Wolfram Infinity by Harrows

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

For some reason, Harrows darts have not always been very popular amongst the more serious crowd of players. I have no idea why, they make quality darts at an affordable price that look and feel great. The Wolfram line of darts provides players with a superb product, and the Wolfram Infinity darts do not disappoint.

Right out of the box, it is worth noting that the Wolfram Infinity darts by Harrows are a very, very respectable 97% tungsten alloy, which gives these darts a beautiful profile with a very slim barrel across all weight classes.

The Wolfram Infinity darts feel delicate in the hand. There is a wide range to choose from with the lightest weighing 21 grams and the heaviest version coming in at 26 grams.

The finely tuned super-grip provides plenty of control, allowing you to consistently throw with precision and a smooth release.

These darts are stunning. I love the aggressive black and red color scheme, and the 50 mm by 7 mm length goes perfectly with the prime flights that are included in the kit.

These darts are worth every penny.

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Evos by Red Dragon

RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steeltip Darts Set Available in 24g, 26g, 28g with Flights, Stems and Wallet

The Evos darts by Red Dragon are arguably the best bang for your buck if you are looking to jump into the world of tungsten darts. While not the most sophisticated in design, the Evos are good enough to be on this list.

Ranging in weight between 22 grams and 28 grams, the Evos are made out of premium 90% tungsten alloy and feature a slim knurled grip on a barrel size of 51 mm for the 26-gram model.

For the price, you get some fantastic darts that provide your throws with solid balance and accuracy. They are easy to hold even though they are very slim and have a really satisfying feel in your hands.

I want to say that there are better tungsten darts out there but, honestly, I can’t come up with any real reasons not to get the Evos. These are cheap enough to make a great backup set, but they are good enough to be part of your main kit as well.

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Blitz by Viper

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case

Viper is a well-established maker of professional dart equipment and with the Blitz tungsten darts, they offer beginners a very respectable entry point into the upper echelons of our beloved hobby.

Viper uses a fantastic 95% tungsten-nickel alloy to make these darts. The minute you lay your hands on them, you can tell these things have been machined with insane precision. They have a very, very slim profile, which, as you know by now, can do wonders for your chances of perfect grouping. The Blitz darts are a pleasure to handle.

Regardless of your grip type, you get deep precision-engineered grooving that gives consistency to your shots. As we’ve come to expect from Viper, their barrels are color-coated. Their steel tips are oxide-coated to improve durability.

Another thing that I loved about these darts is the fact that the aluminum shafts are very lightweight, and they have been loaded with a spinster mechanism to allow free rotation.

While there is much debate over the benefit of spinning shafts, I like them, and the Viper Spinsters included here are what I use on my own darts.

The Blitz darts are available in 22, 24, 26, and 28-gram configurations.

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Swift Series by Cuesoul

CUESOUL Swift Series 22/24/26g Super Slim Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

Whether you are a new player or a veteran, these high-quality, professional-grade tungsten Cuesoul darts will improve your performance and elevate your enjoyment of the game like few other kits will.

The Swift series tungsten darts by Cuesoul come in 22, 24, and 26-gram configurations with a respectable length of 50 mm and a diameter of 6.48 mm.

The Swift darts are truly one of the most eye-catching sets on this list. The pure white shaft looks beautiful over the metallic gleam of the 95% tungsten barrel. The threaded grey pattern of the flight complements the rest of the darts’ understated appeal.

The build on these is superb. The high-quality tungsten alloy, combined with very flexible flights, make these darts more durable and longer-lasting than many others at this price range. \

The dart is extremely well-balanced and feels split in the hand. The grip is very nice and tight, with some medium-grade knurling. Personally, I could have used a more pronounced knurl, but that is just a personal preference.

The Cuesoul Swift is a fantastic choice for those looking for a stylish and slim tungsten dart. And the gorgeous, luxury case that comes with these darts is worth the price alone.

Highly recommended.

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Target Darts Agora 90% Steel Tip Darts

Target Darts Agora 90% Steel Tip Darts

This Agora dart line arrived on the scene in 2017 but still offers a wide variety of darts to suit every player. Agora darts from Target include a mix of radial grooves and articulate milling to create a dart with an excellent grip.

Every dart features a different style of cut on the front vs the back with a nice smooth spot in the middle. The various processed cuts on the 4 steel-tip models ensure that Agora gives an appropriate solution for every grip style.

With a variety of weights and styles, these are a great choice for the player that is looking for a super grippy dart with a smooth release.

Target hasn’t been around as long as some of the other manufacturers on this list but they have proven themselves time and time again to have consistent quality.

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Clarion Black Tungsten Darts by Red Dragon

RED DRAGON Clarion Black Tungsten Darts Set with Plastic Flights and Nylon Stems

Here we have yet another entry by Red Dragon in our list of tungsten darts reviews.

The Clarion black tungsten darts by Red Dragon are awesome, and, in my humble opinion, they are some of the best tungsten darts that money can buy. These darts are fast and accurate, and they offer some of the best hand-to-dart tactile connections.

Like most other tungsten darts on this list, the Clarion black darts are manufactured and engineered using a high-quality 90% tungsten alloy. Red Dragon offers 20, 22, 24, and 26-gram versions. They are surprisingly hefty, which may require some adjustment. So, unless you are used to throwing 26 or 28-gram darts, I would suggest you try one of the lighter configurations.

They are not very long, coming in at around 43 mm in length and some 7.75 mm in diameter (told you they were hefty). The center of mass is placed well in the rear of the dart, which calls for more aggressive throws.

Just like the Swift from Cuesoul, the Clarion darts from Red Dragon are eye-catchers. The black and red design is stunning and goes very well with the more in-your-face feel of the darts.

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YohKoh Darts by Target Darts

Target Darts Yohkoh 03 22G 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

Finally, we have the YohKoh darts by Target Darts.

These colorful darts are made using 80% tungsten alloy, which is nothing to write home about. However, the YohKoh darts stand out from the competition by adding a black PVD performance-enhancing coating to the barrels. This coating has been sandblasted, which provides players with a very unique and different-feeling matte texture to enhance gripping and play experience.

The straight barrel has a very pronounced radial groove grip to further cement these darts’ stability in the hand and is a suitable choice for those who suffer from butterfingers or a jittery throwing technique.

These are only available in a 22-gram configuration. They measure 49 mm in length and around 7 mm in diameter. Which will feel heavier in hand, but they are well balanced. 

These aren’t necessarily my first choice, but the unique texture on the barrel is definitely worth a try.

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