Darts is a sport that tends to skew toward an older audience. And that is a shame because the moment-to-moment gameplay and the thrilling excitement of a well-placed dart are the types of experiences that children and people of all ages enjoy.

If you are worried that your kids are too young to start their dart-playing journey, Consider a Magnetic Dartboards.

Magnetic Dart Boards let you and your whole family experience the very best that the game of darts has to offer while still protecting your littlest ones from any potential dangers of a sharp metal dart.

Additionally, Magnetic Dart Boards save you tons of money and frustration by protecting your walls and furniture from the unsightly holes and scrapes common to households with indoor dartboard setups.

If you need a quick answer, we chose the Doinkit Magnetic Dart Set (link to Amazon) as our favorite magnetic dartboard but if you are uncertain as to what you need or why, read on.

Our Top Magnetic Dartboard Pick

How We Chose The Best Magnetic Dartboard & What Features To Look For?

Our criteria to choose the best magnetic dartboard was very straightforward. We looked at dozens of products based on price-to-value ratio, family-friendly design, build quality, as well as any other extras.

  • Material: There are 2 main materials we came across in our search; Hard plastic and a soft fabric surface with a thin metal interior. Both perform well and while we prefer the more durable plastic board, the fabric boards easily roll up for storage or as a more portable solution.
  • Size: A real dartboard is about 17 inches so if you are looking to train the next Phil Taylor it may be best to start off with a board in that size range. The only reason I see to get something smaller is if you are limited in space or just picking one up to fool around.
  • Layout: While we are going looking for a classic dartboard layout, it is nice to see so many reversible boards. More options means more fun.
  • Mounting: Most boards can hang to any wall with a single screw or nail with some plastic boards have the option for a more permanent installation.
  • The Darts: All of our selections have enough darts for at least two players with many sets including 12 darts. The quality is consistent throughout. Most of the darts from set to set have the same hard plastic design with a magnet in the tip, with the exception of the Doinkit which has a very unique design.
A dartboard with magnet darts

Here are our choices for the

Best Magnetic Dartboards

CUKU 12 Piece Magnetic Dart Board Set

CUKU 12 Piece Magnetic Dart Board Set

The first entry on our list comes by way of the wonderful folks at CUKU, experts in family-friendly entertainment products.

This is a 13 inch, lightweight magnetic dartboard that comes with a set of 12 kid-friendly and safe-for-any-age, magnetic-tipped darts. The small size is perfect for portability and makes it very easy to set up just about anywhere. This is a solid option if you are looking for an outdoor dartboard.

On the design side of things, the CUKU 12 Piece Magnetic Dart Board is a double-sided board for extra versatility. On one side you can play standard dart games with standard dart rules, and on the flip side, you can play archery-style dart games with the archery target design.

The build quality is excellent. The board is made with sturdy materials, and the magnets are very strong, which means that you experience very few bounce-outs during regular play. The darts come in three different and very bright colors to make scoring a breeze.

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CX L SUM Magnetic Roll-up Dart Board

CX L SUM Magnetic Roll-up Dart Board

This is a beautifully designed magnetic dartboard that provides safety and versatility in spades.

Unlike the previous dartboard on our list, this is not a traditional design, but rather the dartboard comes printed onto a high-quality magnetic rollout mat. The playable area is 15 inches in diameter, which is plenty enough to play traditional games of darts from a standard distance.

The kit includes 12 magnetic darts that come color-coded in sets of 3 red, 3 yellow, 3 blue, and 3 green darts. This small, but significant detail means it’s a blast to play in larger groups since keeping track of darts becomes much easier.

The rollout mat is made out of premium materials, so outdoor use is safe. The magnets are very strong, so you can expect darts to stick to the target once they have hit. This board also comes with a double-sided design, to give added versatility when playing. You get a traditional dartboard design for traditional dart variants on one side, colored the standard red, green, black, white, and red. On the other side, you get a black and yellow archery design.

The simple, some may even say somber, design may make you think this is not a product for kids, but don’t let your preconceived notions fool you, this is a fantastic product for families of all sizes.

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Aywewii Magnetic Dartboard

Aywewii Magnets Dart Board

This is one of my personal favorite magnetic dartboards currently on the market. This will especially be a hit if you have children that run on the younger side.

This is yet another double-sided magnetic dartboard (it seems that this feature is pretty standard nowadays). On one side you get a standard bullseye design, and on the other, you get a super fun, colorful and bright cartoon shark and sea-life design which is sure to be loved by your little ones.

This magnetic dartboard comes printed on an 18 by 15-inch rollable mat, made out of high-quality rubber ideal for any indoor and outdoor use. This is a great product for use at the home, office, man cave, patio, etc.

The surprisingly strong neodymium magnets hidden away inside the mat means this is quite possibly one of the strongest magnetic dartboards in the market. The included darts stick to the board with a very satisfying thwap.

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Esjay Magnetic Dart Board

Esjay Magnet Dart Board

This magnetic dartboard from Esjay is a great alternative for those looking for a good-quality and inexpensive magnetic dartboard.

The round board is the standard 18 inches wide, so it is perfect for playing regulation dart games such as 501 or 301. The set also includes 12 sturdy magnetic darts. These darts are top-heavy, with dense heads, and lighter shafts, which means that you can get some decent accuracy, something that is not always possible with non-traditional darts.

In the box, you get everything you need to set up your dartboard, including a nail, hook, and measuring tape. This is one of the easiest setups, and you can be up and running in about 2 minutes from opening.

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Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Magnetic Dartboard

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Magnetic Dartboard

This next product is another fantastic option for folks with kids on the younger side. I’ve recommended this kid-safe magnetic dartboard to a few people and they have all said it is great!

If you have young children and you get them this magnetic dartboard I can guarantee you that they will not want to put it down. Thankfully, the folks at Marky Sparky have made a quality product that will last a long time.

This is the perfect product for game night. Since this board has a classic design you will have the opportunity to teach your young ones the basics of darts from a very early age.

The colorful board has all the same characteristics as a classic dartboard, right down to the size, and number distribution.

Speaking of size, this is a 16 incher, so it’s very easy to transport. The kit includes 6 neodymium magnets that are balanced to perfection. These are heavy-duty magnets, and they will not lose their “stickiness” any time soon. You can expect years and years of gameplay with these bad boys.

A cool feature of this kit is that the darts have a “space-age mesh” tail, that provides the darts with extra stability through the air, which will help your kids (or adults) with their accuracy and all-around fun.

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While I think you would be happy with any of these choices the Doinkit Magnetic Dart Set stands out as my favorite. The board is perfect and the unique darts do not feel as cheap as some of the others and are just more fun to throw around.