I have actually been using Viper Spinster Aluminum dart shafts (link to Amazon) quite a lot. 

I was going through plastic spinners like they were flights. At one point I lost 3 shafts in 2 days. I had no choice but to go back to my standard aluminum shafts.

Then I found the Viper Spinster. I have always liked aluminum because of its durability. I was happy to come across these aluminum dart shafts with rotating ends and could not wait for my order to arrive.

The rotating mechanism of the shaft allows the flight to spin freely, and independently, from the rest of the dart and is supposed to reduce bounce-outs. All dart shafts spin while in the air but allowing the shaft to spin once it is stuck on the board, helps to eliminate deflections,  and increases your scoring potential.

I understand there is some debate on the internet as to whether or not this actually works. It is hard to say for sure and I am not going to get into that here.

But the spinning is not the best thing about these shafts!

Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft

The silver part that holds the flight at the end is detachable and pops off if it collides with another flight. Every time I see that thing pop off and land on the floor I know that would have been my dart there if I were using any other shaft.

If you are looking for a set of inexpensive spinning dart shafts that will stand the test of time and survive excessive wear and tear, look no further.

This is a precision-cut product, so forget about having to retighten the shafts. You can use the extra leverage provided by the locking hole to secure the shafts to your barrel. That’s it! They will not come loose.

The one and three-quarter inch size, or “In-Between”, enables just enough space between the barrel and the flight, which is essential for tighter groupings.

The only downside is a bit of “wiggle room” where the spinner attaches. If you use two hands to wiggle it, it becomes very apparent.  I do not notice it when just holding the darts in my hand or when throwing, but I understand how it may be a distraction to some.

This package includes 3 Aluminum-body shafts.

Go ahead and give these Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft by GLD Products a try.

Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft: In-Between (INB), Black, 3 Pack
  • Rotating shaft top allows flights to spin freely when stuck in the board, eliminating deflection, increasing your scores
  • Aluminum body construction ensures that your shafts will stand up to the challenge of tough wear and tear
  • The locking hole allows you to use extra leverage to tighten shafts to your barrel. They won’t come loose easily, and there’s no need to retighten after a shot or two
  • In-Between size for proper spacing between barrel and flight is critical for perfect aerodynamic trajectory