The hidden depths of darts become evident the minute you stop looking at darts as a pub game and start treating it like a serious hobby or even a sport. It is at this point in every beginner’s journey that they realize there are tons of variables to consider.

A quality dart is the central component of the game. When first starting out you do not want to spend a crap ton of money. You want a quality dart at a reasonable price. That darts for a beginner is the Cuesoul 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts (

The market is saturated with options; there are thousands of products available, all claiming to be the best. The price of a dart set can cost anywhere from $30-$300. But investing in a good set of darts does not mean you need to break the bank. I think it is important that a beginner strike a balance between cost and quality.

That balance is found in Cuesoul Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. The folks at Cuesoul offer a package that strikes a perfect balance between high-quality materials, expert design, and accessible prices. Let’s take a closer look.

The Barrel

The darts are manufactured using a 95% Tungsten alloy. Because of this high-quality/high-density tungsten alloy Cuesoul is able to offer these darts in 26-gram, 28-gram, and 30-gram variations and still maintain a thin, sleek barrel design.

Beginners will have an easier time adjusting their technique as the darts have been precision cut to maintain perfect center balance. This means that you can more reliably control the flight of the dart because the center of balance is always the same.

More control translates into more consistent scoring which will work to improve a beginner’s skill level quickly. It is this sort of positive feedback loop that newcomers to the sport desperately need in order to grow, yet most people miss out because they pick the wrong darts.

The tungsten barrels are machined to have a knurled and ring grip for maximum versatility. With these darts, players of all preferences will find a grip configuration that works for them.

Cuesoul steel tip darts

The barrel has four small knurled grips in the front, and three grip rings towards the back. 11 hand painted grooves add even more texture to what can only be said to be a very secure grip.

As your experience level grows and you learn more advanced grip techniques, these darts will allow you to adapt without having to purchase any further equipment, and with the high-density tungsten alloy, their durability is all but guaranteed.

This type of mixed knurling is especially useful for people with sweaty hands.

The machine precision in the manufacture of these barrels is so precise and impressive that it makes Cuesoul stand out above the competition. There is a difference of less than 1 mm in the diameter of the 28-gram barrel to the 30-gram barrel. The 28-gram model measures in at 7.2 mm wide and the 30 gram model at just 7.5 mm wide.

All models are 2 inches long except for the 28-gram barrel which is slightly shorter.

The Shafts

The shafts are incredibly high-quality anodized aluminum. One of the main downsides to aluminum is that is susceptible to corrosion damage over time, which is why anodized aluminum is used for their construction. Anodizing is a chemical process through which the natural layer of oxide found on the surface of metals is thickened to provide protection against corrosion and wear.

Anodizing is a chemical process through which the natural layer of oxide found on the surface of metals is thickened to provide protection against corrosion and wear.

The shafts with these darts are a medium length; they are just short of 2 inches (just under 5 cm). Medium shafts allow for greater versatility of pitching and grip styles by keeping the dart balanced.

The Flights

Cuesoul is very generously including three extra shafts for a total of 6 anodized aluminum shafts, and it has also included a total of 9 flights:

  • 3 Standard flights for all around stability and balance.
  • 3 Lantern flights for an aerodynamic flight that helps the beginner keep the tail of their darts down for maximum stability during the path through the air.
  • 3 Slim flights are included for flatter trajectories and more stability if needed.

This Kit Comes With Plenty Of Extras

Cuesoul steel tip darts and accessories

Also included is one first-rate steel-point sharpener. You don’t want your darts too sharp or too blunt because it can result in more bounce outs and lower scores. By adding a point sharpener, they are ensuring ongoing success with your purchase and saving you money to boot.

Next is an all in one multi-tool to tighten, repair and perform general maintenance. It can be used to tighten shafts, split the ends for easy flight insertion, and remove broken tips.

Rounding things out is the included high-quality case which lets you keep everything nice and tidy throughout your play time. The outside of the case is high-quality faux alligator skin. The finish is more luxurious than you would expect at this price point and is a nice touch.

Inside the case, there is a high-density foam insert that keeps all the components snuggly in place. You can run around town with this case in hand, and your darts will be secure at all times.

When looking for a case, I always recommend one that will hold your darts fully assembled. I was happy to see that this case is designed for just that.  There is no need to remove the flights before storing them.

All in all, you will have a difficult time finding a better set of darts for a beginner than Cuesoul 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts.

Do not let the price tag fool you into thinking these are not some of the most well-made darts on the market. Cuesoul has become synonymous with quality and reliability. For the beginner, it is essential to start with a set of darts that allow for growth in ability and skill. As your throwing ability and technique changes over time, these darts provide you with the room you need to grow.

Whether you choose to go with a lighter 26-gram dart or the sturdier 30-gram version, you can rest assured that you will receive a durable set of darts made with the highest quality tungsten alloy on the market and that they will last you a long time to come. So pick up a set, start throwing.