Hi, I’m Shaun. Welcome to DartHelp.com

If you are like me, you love darts.  The idea for darthelp.com came after spending countless hours searching the internet and watching videos trying to learn everything I can.

Sure there were lots of sites out there with varying degrees of information, but there was no site that had everything I was looking for.  I decided to create that site, with the goal to help other players and bring awareness to the game.

No matter if you are an expert darter or just a beginner our articles are designed to provide fun and value to you. 

Whether you are looking for tips to improve your throw, want to know what is the best dartboard, or just want to know why aren’t darts in the Olympics yet, we have that information for you.

About The Author

I have been playing darts for a few years now and have picked up a wealth of knowledge along the way. I am not the best nor do I pretend to be. I play to have fun and hopefully increase in skill along the way. There are now 5 darters in my home and we can’t get enough. I created this site for fun and hope that it becomes a go-to resource to help people learn more about the wonderful game of darts.

I hope you enjoy our articles as much as I enjoy writing them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here.