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  • What Is Dartitis

    What Is Dartitis? (and How To Overcome It!)

    Dartitis is a medical condition experienced by dart players. It is an unexplained loss of motor control in the hand, wrist, or arm. It is similar to “the yips”, and results in the inability to properly release the dart during a throw. More

  • What is a darts mat?

    What Is A Dart Mat? (And Why You Need One)

    It only takes one or two holes in the wall to understand why you need some type of wall protection. But what may take longer to notice are the holes in your floor. Most walls are… More

  • Why is the throw line called the oche

    What Is The Oche In Darts?

    The oche is the name given to the throwline in darts. It is the line at which a player must stand behind when throwing their darts at the dartboard. More

  • What is the highest score in darts

    What Is The Highest Score You Can Get In Darts?

    A lot of newcomers to darts are obsessed with the bullseye, and with good reason. Anyone looking at a dartboard would think that it is the most important segment, and thus the most rewarding. More

  • What is a bust in darts

    What Is a Bust In Darts?

    A bust in darts occurs when a player throws a higher score than their remaining point value. A winning throw must score down to zero exactly. When a bust occurs, no score is marked, and the players turn is over More

  • What is a hat trick in darts

    What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

    A hat trick in darts is when a player scores three consecutive bullseye shots in a round using their 3 darts. It is also referred to as the “Alan Evans Shot”. More

  • Is Darts a Real Sport?

    Is Darts A Sport? (And Why)

    It can be easy to see this as a common bar and pub game as more of a hobby or board game than a real sport at first glance. But is darts a sport? More

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