It only takes one or two holes in the wall to understand why you need some type of wall protection. But what may take longer to notice are the holes in your floor.

Most walls are protected from darts, but is your floor protected? Or maybe that slippery floor is preventing you from taking a proper stance? You can solve both these problems and more with one product. What you need is a dart mat!

What Is A Dart Mat?

A dart mat is a protective mat that lays on the floor between the player and the dartboard. Dart mats catch any darts that bounce out, without damaging the floor or the darts. A good mat also provides stable and comfortable footing while playing.

Why Do You Need A Dart Mat?

Most people don’t realize the importance of a dart mat. It is seen more as a piece of complementary equipment that comes along with a darts setup. However, it serves many more purposes than just its looks and has a lot of benefits. Here is a list of why dart mats are essential.

A good dart mat will protect your floor and your darts

Benefits Of A Dart Mat

It Protects Your Darts

When darts bounce out or fall to the ground, there is a high chance of damage to the tips when it comes in contact with the floor. There is nothing more updating than breaking your dart tips. But there is a solution to all of this- dart mats!

When the darts bounce out, instead of hitting the hard floor, it hits the soft and durable mat. In a way, investing in a good dart mat saves money that you would have used in buying new darts or repairing your old ones.

It Protects Your Floor From Darts

Floor repairs can be an expensive thing. No one would want a thousand little holes in their floor. Thus, it is always better to protect the floors from the darts. That is precisely why dart mats came to be. The whole idea of dartboard floor mats is to protect the floors from darts that bounces out. It acts as a protective layer between the darts and the floor.

It Protects Your Floor From You

If you have carpet, a dart mat is 100% required. It is something most people do not think about but when you throw darts, the path walk to retrieve those darts is the same every time. Hundreds of times an hour, thousands of times a week.

If you have carpet down you will see the wear after only a few months of play. A dart mat is essential for protecting your carpet. It can be replaced when needed as opposed to replacing your whole carpet.

Comes With Their Own Oche

Sure you can get by with, a simple piece of tape to show where to stand is just not enough. But if your dartboard does not have a dedicated area, you may not want to mark up the floor. 

All dart mats come with precise and exact throw lines. In fact, they come with the official oche measurement for both soft tip and steel tip darts. So your mat can serve a dual purpose. 

They Add Comfort

Many dart mats are made out of thick foam or rubber. It is well documented that if standing for long periods of time, such material will reduce wear and fatigue on your joints.  I speak to many players who have knee or hip injuries that prevent them from extended play. 

For most this may not seem so important but for many with pre-existing injuries, this could literally be a game-changer.

They Are Compact

If your dartboard is in a shared living space, they can be rolled up and tucked away when not in use. Because they are thin and only a few feet wide, they can be stored almost anywhere.  When you are ready to play, it only takes seconds to unroll and get setup.

They Are Portable And Universal

As I mentioned previously, most mats are compatible with any dartboards soft-tip or steel. It can be the most expensive dartboard to the cheapest. You can bring it anywhere and set up in seconds. It is a must-have for players using a dart stand on the go.

So What Darts Mat Should Get?

If you are looking for the best all-around mat, we recommend the Viper Padded Dart Mat (link to Amazon).

Viper by GLD Products Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat (Steel and Soft Tip Darts) , Black, 117" Length x 24" Width x 125 mil Thickness
  • Made of soft, cushioned vinyl, the Viper padded throw line dart mat protecting your floors from bounce outs
  • Heavy-duty, non-slip mat measures 117" L x 24" W x 1/4" D
  • Can be easily rolled up for storage in-between use
  • Provides a regulation distance embossed toe line for both steel tip darts (93-1/4") and soft tip darts (96") which eliminates guess work

If for some reason the Viper Dart Mat is not for you, you can check out these reviews of the best dart mats available

Flooring and darts are expensive to replace, so don’t wait on it. Get a dart mat and save yourself from a lot of trouble!