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  • How To Play High Low Darts

    How To Play High / Low Darts

    High and Low are actually two different dart games with very similar rules. High or Low refers to if the players should be shooting for a higher or lower number than the target score. While the lower version of the […] More

  • How to play castle darts

    How To Play Castle Darts

    When you first see the scoreboard, castle darts looks long, complicated, and confusing, but nothing could be further from the truth. More

  • How To Play Mickey Mouse Darts

    How To Play Mickey Mouse Darts

    If you are a cricket player and are looking for a new darts game Mickey Mouse may be for you. While they are similar, Mickey Mouse darts adds some interesting… More

  • How To Play Pick 3 Darts

    How To Play Call Three Darts

    To play call three darts each player takes turns calling out targets for the active player. If their dart hits they are awarded a point. The player with… More

  • How To Play Knockout Darts

    How To Play Knockout Darts

    To play knockout darts, the first player will simply throw 3 darts and mark their score. It is up to the next player to beat that score and so on. When a player misses beating a score 3 times, they are out of the game. More

  • How To Play Steeplechase Darts

    How To Play Steeplechase Darts

    To play steeplechase darts you must be the first player around the board, from 20 to 5, then the bullseye. There will be a few spots where you have to… More

  • How To Play 9 Lives Darts

    How To Play Nine Lives Darts

    Nine Lives can be played with any number of players and is good for players who like to play around the clock but are looking for a bigger challenge. More

  • How To Play Warfare Darts

    How To Play Warfare Darts

    If you are new to darts, some of the more popular games can be frustrating. You have to hit specific doubles or high-value targets. A few misses and… More

  • How To Play Bob's 27 Darts

    How To Play Bob’s 27 Darts

    One of the most important skills you can learn for 501 or 301 is doubling out. If you need to practice those doubles, its time to learn how to play Bobs 27. More

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