One of the reasons why I love darts so much is the number of innovative variations and quirky modifications of the standard rules we all know.

By creatively manipulating the basic concepts of the game, many have come up with a plethora of exciting, challenging, and fun games.

Today, we are going to talk about one of these games: Bermuda Triangle Darts.

What is Bermuda Triangle Darts?

Bermuda Triangle darts, also known as Halve-It in some circles, is a fun and simple dart game. However, do not misconstrue the simplicity of the game and come to a match thinking it’s easy to win. This game is cursed with punishment for even the simplest mistake!

Bermuda Triangle has a surprise challenge, and it will test your ability to keep a level head in situations of heightened pressure. This means that if you play enough Bermuda Triangle, you will become a better darts player overall!

At its core, Bermuda Triangle darts is about consistently hitting predetermined targets and more importantly, not missing.

Rules of Bermuda Trinagle Darts

The most important rule is that during any given round, only a small set of designated targets on the dartboard are in play.

For example, during a player’s first turn the only valid target is the number 12 (including the double and treble segments). Any dart that lands on any number that is not 12 or off the dartboard is considered a miss and does not count.

The valid targets are as follows:

4Any Double of Your Choice
8Any Triple of Your Choice
12 Inner and Outer Bull
(both are worth 25 points for this round)
13Inner Bullseye
(worth the regular 50 points)

It is important to note that during a game of Bermuda Triangle Darts, the doubles and trebles are counted normally. So, a triple 20 counts as a score of 60, and a double 20 is 40. 

Each player will have three darts per round to hit the active target. The score they have thrown will be added to their running total.

If a player fails to hit their target after three throws, they suffer a penalty.

The penalty for failing to hit the active target is to have their score halved.

For example, say a player throws their three darts during their first turn and hits a double 12, a triple 12, and misses with their last dart. They score a total of 60 points for the round. But, on their next turn up to the oche, the player throws their three darts and fails to hit 13 with any of their throws. Their score reduces to 30.

The player with the highest score at the end of all rounds wins.

How To Score A Game Of Bermuda Triangle

Scoring games of Bermuda Triangle is easy. Start by writing the player names across the top of the board. When a player scores you write it on the board and add it to their current total. It is just like tracking points in 501 except you are counting up not down.

The second scoring rule to keep in mind is to always half a player’s score when they fail to hit the active target after three throws per round.

If you have to split an odd number, you can either round up or round down, it’s up to you. I usually round down (it is a penalty after all).

Repeat for each round until the game is complete.

Tips & Strategies

If your aim is not the best, throw for the large single segment for the best chance of scoring. After you land at least one dart you can take a riskier shot without the worry of a penalty.

If you are even half-decent you may want to just go for the triples right off. It is not likely you will land 3 darts into a completely different number.

There is never any reason to aim for doubles. You get fewer points than a triple and risk throwing off the board.

Don’t miss 🙂

Variations to Bermuda Triangle

There are no variations that I am aware of however it is worth noting that many people I see on the internet also refer to the game as “Halve-It (Half-it)”. I actually know halve-it as a different but similar game. If you are interested you can go here to learn halve-it darts.

Bermuda Triangle Darts is a fantastic game variant that is challenging yet highly rewarding. The best moment you can have playing a game of Bermuda Triangle Darts is when someone has managed to reach close to the end with a significant lead, only to lose a ton of points in one fell swoop.

When it happens to an opposing player, it feels great knowing that you now have the chance to catch up. And, when it happens to you, your opponents will relish that fact for the very same reasons.