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Why Are Darts Made Of Tungsten?

Tungsten is used to make darts because it is a dense metal. The more tungsten a dart barrel has, the smaller it can be made without sacrificing weight. The higher the tungsten content, the higher the quality of the dart. The most commonly used alloys are anywhere between 80% and 90% tungsten.

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Why Are Dart Players Fat?

Not all dart players are overweight. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like the rest of us do. To me, a professional darts player has nothing to envy in the elite athletes of the world. For example, the skill and finesse required to hit a 180 are not inferior to that required when serving an ace.

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Hi, I’m Shaun. I’m the guy behind Dart Help. I have been playing darts for a few years now and have picked up a wealth of knowledge along the way. There are now 3 darters in my home and we can’t get enough. I created this site for fun and hope that it becomes a go-to resource to help people learn more about the wonderful game of darts.

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