If you love darts and you wear clothes, continue reading.

Funny darts shirts work better than other similar hobbies because dart players tend to be happier, funnier and more expressive than other sports. Or they are just drunk.

Whether you are looking for some new threads for yourself or a unique gift for the darts player that has everything. Here is a list of the best funny darts shirts I have found online.

In no particular order.

Darts with a chance of drinking t-shirts

Predict the future with this weekend shirt that you can actually wear any day of the week.

Just Here For The 180s t-shirt

While not the funniest shirt on this list it is perfect for the person that can back it up. If you are not hitting the 180s often, read on cause we have a better shirt for you.

Aim Shoot Swear Repeat Shirt

It’s been a tradition for most of us since the first dart was thrown. You aim, you shoot, you swear, you repeat. If this is not how you play darts, you are doing it wrong.

My Drinking Team Has A Darts Problem Funny Dart Shirt Premium T-Shirt

Darts and beer go hand in hand. Each one makes the other better. Don’t forget, if your drinking team has a darts problem there is help available. There is also this T-shirt

Evolution funny Darts shirt

I have loved this shirt since I first saw it. I have seen other sports try to mimic the idea but the positioning of a dart stance just fits in so perfectly with the final step in evolution.

Funny Darts Quote Shirt

Well, it’s not wrong.

Darts Beer Repeat Dart-Player Funny Drinking T-Shirt

Like the Aim, Shoot, Swear, Repeat Shirt, this one describes the exact formula for a good night at darts.


No matter how many times I wear this shirt the bar does not move. I think it’s broken. Maybe I just need to reboot.

I Love Boobies & Darts Funny Darts Shirt

If you love boobies and you love darts why not let the world know.

I Don't Need Therapy Darts t-shirt

As funny as this shirt is, darts are actually a really good form of therapy. It can help with depression, anxiety, social interactions and more. As long as you are playing for fun, a good game of darts will make anyone feel better.

I play darts like a girl t-shirt

A perfect gift for all the female dart players out there. Or if you have a mate that you want to upset, this shirt will do it.

Super Sexy Dart Player Funny Darts T-Shirt

If you are super sexy and you play darts, I have a shirt for you. This funny tee says it all.

Never underestimate an old man who plays darts t-shirt

If you are a man and are passed the “Super Sexy” stage of your life, you can grab this t-shirt to warn the world.

Just a happier person when I play Darts Sport T-Shirt

I’m just a happier person when I play darts. That is all.

No products found.

If you know someone who thinks about darts all the time, this might be the right shirt for them. But what if the person speaking is talking about darts? Hmmm.

The best dart players have beards

I saved the best for last. This has been my secret weapon for years. I can trim the length of my beard to just the right length to act as a perfect balance and destroy my opponents.