Typically, darts is an indoor game, played in clubs, bars, or at home. Have you ever wondered about playing darts outside in your yard or lawn? If its a beautiful sunny day with no breeze or rain, why would you want to stay inside? But can you play darts outside?

Yes, you can play darts outside. A lot of dart loving people around the world and particularly in the United States and Canada, play the game outdoors.

If the conditions are right, it does not take much to get started. Just hang your dartboard outside in the lawn or yard and let the games begin.

Dartboard hung outside on a fence.

You cannot imagine how easy it is to mount the dartboard to a fence and enjoy the game in the fresh air. Of course, It is advised not to leave the dartboard up once done with the game, or the weather will take its toll.

Benefits Of Playing Darts Outside?

Relaxing is a practice that is lost to many because of the sedentary and stressed lifestyle that prevails in our times.

If you are playing with kids or beginners, taking the game outside might save your wall from looking like swiss cheese. While you may have a surround or added protection, some people very new to the game can miss by a lot. Holes in your tree or fence, no problem.

Experts say that closed rooms, even when they have heating or air conditioning systems that circulate air, can never compete with the outside. The benefits of outdoor play go beyond just an environment where the fresh air runs free through your lungs.

Playing darts (especially for young individuals) brings a multitude of benefits and helps to develop physically and socially. The game environment becomes an unbeatable setting to practice, explore and interact.

The only thing better than having a good time with your friends or family is enjoying that same time outside.  In daylight, fresh air, and beautiful weather, you just need to find a place out of the way and throw up the dartboard in the corner.

How Does Weather Affect the Game?

If you are playing outdoor darts, you must know the weather will affect gameplay, in many ways that you might not think.


It is important to be aware of the wind as it directly influences the trajectory of the dart.

The wind is not predictable and can change direction at any time. A strong wind is the terror of many professional dart players. While most (probably all) professional games are played indoors, drafts and breezes have been a factor in many of these games.

It is important that you know the strength and direction of the wind so that you can adjust your aim accordingly. If possible, set up your board with the wind at your back. It will save you plenty of heartaches.

Sun And Heat

A sunny day is the most common weather condition for an outdoor game. For most people, a sunny day is a perfect time to practice, but you have to take some care.

If the sun is behind the target, the light will impair your vision, which is not good. Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses ready.

The strong sun and the intense heat can cause the hands to sweat. It is difficult for beginners to realize how excess moisture can affect the quality of the throw.

Of course, some players are accustomed to sweaty hands and have a dart designed for a better grip. If not, you can keep a towel around to dry your hands if needed.

If you are playing for an extended period, the heat can also cause sunstroke and dehydration, so it is vital always to have sunscreen and keep hydrated. Stay in the shade and don’t overdo it.


There is no reason to fear rain. It does not cancel your playing unless accompanied by lightning. While the wind can direct the dart in any direction, the rain just makes the throw heavier.

It is essential to ensure that the dartboard you use for the game is waterproof or shielded from the rain. An electric board would be kaputz, and while you may be able to recover a bristle board from some slight moisture, it is not advisable.

As with sweating from the excessive heat, moisture from the rain will leave your hand with a slippery grip. It the rain is constant, you will not be able to wipe it away.

Cloudiness And Night

A dartboard hung outside at night.

If the cloudiness, fog or haze is too thick, or if night is starting to fall to the extent of preventing the visibility of the board, you must cancel playing the game. With no proper lighting, reduced visibility can endanger people around you.

In this type of environment excess moisture will also impair the quality of the throw.


Outdoor darts in cold weather is rare since it usually is reserved for the nicest of days.

In the cold, the muscles tend to stiffen, changing your throw. Unless of course you are all bundled up which would also probably change your throw.

The same precautions as rain and clouds apply. The moisture in the snow will affect your dartboard, and the snow will decrease visibility.

To my knowledge, I do not believe the cold itself will affect the darts or the board. If you have even the slightest experience with snow darts, let me know, because you are probably an expert in your field. 🙂

Risks Of Playing Darts Outdoor

When playing darts outside, there may be some added risks to consider. Playing darts outside can be dangerous for people in the surrounding, so we recommend setting up the dartboard away from the areas that are busy. You must not play at places where people might be passing.

Since Darts can rebound at some strange angles, it is advisable for others to move away from the surrounding area. Mostly, people enjoy darts with friends and family members; they drink and eat while playing. Therefore, if you are watching the game, you should be standing behind the players.

Lastly, consider how you are hanging your board. Some people fit the dartboard in a place where it could be dangerous for others in the surrounding area. For example the house fence, a tree, or the wall.

A dartboard is heavy and hung high up. Consider, if it fell, could it injure someone? It is necessary to securely fit the board to the where ever you are going to be mounting it.

We recommend keeping an eye on the children that may be nearby. Make sure they stay away from the action and have a talk with them about the dangers.


Darts is a fantastic game, no doubt that most people enjoy the game indoors but if the conditions are right, there is no reason not to move the fun outside. Does this make the game more dangerous?

The answer is Yes. If you carefully set up the dartboard, take into consideration the weather, wind, lighting and other safety measures, it can be an entertaining outdoor game for people of all ages.