Do you suck at darts? Want a good reason as to why you missed the shot? Don’t worry, cause we have your dart excuses covered.

When playing darts, everyone misses sometimes. And everyone has an excuse as to why they miss their dart. Whether you are looking for an excuse, or just thought you heard them all, we have compiled the ultimate list for you.

Here are 101 good excuses for bad darts:

  1. My first dart was blocking the shot.
  2. I let you win.
  3. Did you feel that draft?
  4. Too drunk.
  5. Not drunk enough.
  6. The sun was in my eyes.
  7. I ate too much. I’m off balance.
  8. I’m new.
  9. My shoelace was untied.
  10. I have to give everyone else a chance.
  11. I did that on purpose.
  12. Let’s try 2 out of 3.
  13. I forgot my glasses.
  14. Too much pressure.
  15. I suck.
  16. I forgot to stretch.
  17. Is that board the right height?
  18. Sorry, the acid just kicked in.
  19. It’s my team captain’s fault.
  20. We aren’t using bar math?
  21. When I practice at home, I’m naked.
  22. I was looking at the wrong score.
  23. I don’t think this board likes me.
  24. I don’t think these darts like me.
  25. There was a fly on my dart.
  26. 26 is my lucky number.
  27. My horoscope warned me about this.
  28. I was trying too hard.
  29. Is there a magnet in that board?
  30. The Feng shui of this room is all wrong.
  31. Today was tricep day at the gym.
  32. That’s not how we play where I’m from.
  33. I can’t do it when you’re watching.
  34. It’s the same gremlins that brought down our planes in the big one.
  35. The battery in my darts must be getting low.
  36. I’m not warmed up.
  37. You were playing so slow I lost interest.
  38. My blood alcohol level is too low.
  39. I wasted all my good shots in practice.
  40. Is that board straight?
  41. I thought we were playing baseball darts.
  42. Did you spike my drink?
  43. Stop rushing me!
  44. I’m overtrained.
  45. These aren’t my darts!
  46. Lag.
  47. Just making sure you’re paying attention.
  48. Grab your side and say the baby was kicking.
  49. On the board I use, that’s where the 20 is.
  50. It’s too bright in here, let’s play with the lights off.
  51. New darts.
  52. I forgot what I was aiming for.
  53. I’m usually good, I swear.
  54. I would have gotten it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!
  55. You were playing so bad, it threw me off.
  56. I’m saving it for later.
  57. I can’t throw wearing long-sleeves. (roll them up the next round)
  58. It’s my first time.
  59. I demand a recount!
  60. I was listening to my team.
  61. I was trying to keep it easy for the chalker.
  62. It’s not me, it’s the darts!
  63. I wanted to give my partner a chance.
  64. You must be rubbing off on me.
  65. Was that an earthquake?
  66. I was in awe of how well you throw.
  67. Are you sure that’s not in?
  68. I was distracted. I just saved 20% on car insurance!
  69. I think the chalker is casting a shadow on the board.
  70. I wasn’t watching. It doesn’t count.
  71. That didn’t happen last time.
  72. I’m sexually frustrated.
  73. This game is stupid anyway.
  74. Solar winds!
  75. I’m seeing double. I was aiming at the other board.
  76. I accidentally bought left-handed darts.
  77. Too much practice.
  78. I’m going to lose anyway.
  79. You jinxed me.
  80. The floor is sticky.
  81. I forgot to carry the one.
  82. I was trying to keep it even.
  83. It’s a full moon.
  84. I’m only playing for fun anyway.
  85. My phone started vibrating.
  86. I’ve been working out. I think I need heavier darts now.
  87. I felt sorry for you.
  88. I had to pee.
  89. This is a conspiracy.
  90. I usually throw first/second.
  91. I’m so fk’n high right now. Are we playing darts?
  92. I don’t like my team. I want them to lose.
  93. Next time. I promise.
  94. I may have angered the dart Gods.
  95. It slipped.
  96. There goes that darn gravity again.
  97. Winning is over-rated.
  98. I got distracted.
  99. Your pace messed me up.
  100. You look like you needed a win.
  101. I was trying with my eyes closed.

What excuse do you use when your throwing is off? Let us know in the comments below.

Excuses For Missing In Darts