If you ask me, everyone that plays darts should have a dry-erase dart scoreboard. The addition of this simple, no-frills product to your setup will add a ton of convenience options and quality of life.

And when you consider that dry-erase scoreboards are surprisingly cheap, it becomes hard to find a reason NOT to buy one.

It’s cleaner than chalk, can clip easily into any dartboard cabinet and the high contrast means it can be easily viewed and read by any player in the room.

Unfortunately, it is really easy to make the wrong purchase when trying to buy the best dry-erase dart scoreboard out there. This is because the market is saturated with low-quality products, shoddy builds, and unscrupulous sellers.

Thankfully, I’ve done all the hard work, and sifted through the mess of products to find the very best the market has to offer. I looked at a number of different characteristics such as the quality of the build, how stylish it was, durability, cost, value, ease of use, etc.

The product below is, in my opinion, the best at balancing all of these different qualities. Here is my pick for the 

Best Dry-Erase Dart Scoreboard

The IgnatGames Dry Erase Darts Scoreboard

IgnatGames Dry Erase Darts Scoreboard - Double Sided Dart Scoreboard with 2 Magnetic Dry Erase PensThis IgnatGames dry-erase darts scoreboard (from Amazon) is a double-sided, professional-grade scoreboard with some magnetic functionality and enough versatility for a variety of popular games; which makes it the best dry-erase darts scoreboard you can buy.

IgnatGames has been going strong for the past several years, consistently offering high-quality darts equipment at affordable costs.

Here is what I love about this dry-erase darts scoreboard:

You get plenty of bang for your buck because this double-sided dry-erase dart scoreboard has been designed for any number of X01 games, Cricket, and many more.

The scoreboard is super easy to use and mount, thanks to the installation kit included in the box. Additionally, since it hangs by a cord it can be rotated easily between sides for even more convenience and functionality.

Speaking of functionality, the best dry-erase dart scoreboard from IgnatGames has a super handy magnetic surface for use with the 2 magnetic cap pens that come included in the box. This allows players to quickly and effortlessly record or wipe away scores without interrupting the pace of the game by having to look for a marker or eraser away from the play area.

I also love that the folks at Ignat have made this product the perfect size for easy reading. As a result, games feel snappy because you can always tell at a glance what the score is, and whose turn is next.

The exact size of the board is 18-inches by 14-inches, which makes it the same height as most standard dartboards. This means that this dry-erase dart scoreboard should fit right into any setup.

Like all IgnatGames products, this dry-erase dart scoreboard is made out of durable materials. The base is made out of composite wood and sheet metal, with a polymer frame.

There is plenty of value to be found here, and in the box you get:

  • A framed, double-sided, dry-erase scoreboard with a magnetic surface.
  • Easy to use out-chart
  • 2 dry-erase pens with magnetic eraser caps
  • A practical mounting system

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Final Thoughts On The IgnatGames Dry Erase Scoreboard

The market is quite saturated with products, all claiming to be the best option available. However, few products can actually back up these claims, and even fewer are balanced and well-made.

This IgnatGames dry-erase dart scoreboard is the most well-rounded product I found, and because it is made by IgnatGames, the build quality is high. The board is easy to rotate, easy to clean, has plenty of writing space, a handy out chart, and an extremely handy magnetic surface.