It takes a lot of consistent, hard work to become good at the game of darts; why would you want to let all of that work and effort go to waste by not taking proper care of your equipment? Darts are more susceptible to damage than one would think; flights can flatten, the soft tips points can bend, steel tips get dulled, and even the shafts might chip.

Overall, if you are interested in preserving your darts and ensuring their longevity, you should invest in a proper dart case. Thankfully, the market is flooded, and there are dozens of options for your perusal; however, this abundance of choice can make it difficult to choose.

If you have a single set of darts and are looking for a quick grab and go case, I recommend a wallet type case that will be easy to carry and will not get in the way. My pick for the best wallet case around is the Harrows Ace dart case. (from Amazon). It has everything you need to keep your darts safe and cozy.

What To Look For In A Dart Case

You have decided to purchase a case for your darts, so you visit a sporting equipment store, or fire up a web browser and visit one of the thousands of online retailers that specialize in darts, and then what? There are many options. Dart cases come in various configurations; they come in different sizes, made out of different materials, with zippers, with Velcro, some are soft, some are hard. What model is right for you?

To keep your darts in the best condition possible, you need to protect them at all times, especially when you are carrying them around between games. When deciding what case is right for you, there a few things you must keep in mind.

First and foremost, you want a case that does not force you to disassemble your darts. This is time-consuming, ruins your flights, and there is no need for it.

Size is important. The case should have enough room so that it can hold at least one set of spare components. If the case can hold more than one set of darts, great, but it should, at a minimum, be able to carry some extra flights and some spare shafts.

Next, your brand new dart case should be able to handle the sharp points. A quality case will have a point protector. In this manner, if your darts use steel tips, they will not bend and become dull.

Now that you know what to look for and what constitutes a quality case let me tell you about a fantastic little product that ticks all of the right boxes, has everything that you need, and succeeds at everything a proper dart case aims to do. Let me tell you why the Harrows Ace Case one of the best dart cases around!

Harrows Ace Case

The Ace Case is a premier, slim wallet type hard case that aims to provide maximum protection for your fully assembled darts. This is an excellent product and the best dart cases I have found for grab and go easy access. It can fit in a pocket, glove box, purse, etc. With this case there is no reaon not to keep a set of darts always on hand.


The outside shell of the Harrows Ace dart case

Harrows Ace Case is a slim wallet type hard case that provides protection for your fully assembled darts. The Ace Case is has a sturdy and hefty feel to it. Despite its appearance and small size, you will be surprised at how solid it feels in your hands. It is also remarkably light and carrying it around will never be a hassle. The folks at Harrows were even generous enough to include a high-quality metal carabiner with your purchase so that you can hang your case wherever you please for that extra level of convenience.

The hard exterior has a lovely tactile rubber coating, and on the inside, you will find a durable, high-quality nylon fabric finish. You might initially think that the rubber finish on the outside is slippery, but it is quite the opposite. The rubber is durable and will not scratch easily, which means the case will not accumulate scratches over time.

Inside you will find an inset to hold a set of three darts. This inset is made of a very high-grade rubber polymer called ethylene-vinyl acetate. This is the same type of rubber that is used in the manufacture of football cleats, so it is durable.

The inset is molded to hold the barrels securely in place. You can toss the case around, and rest assured that the darts will not go loose. The slots are cut in such a manner to allow you to store the darts with the flights still attached without having to fold them. In my opinion, this is the Ace Case’s biggest selling point because having to remove the flights continually wears them down quick.

Additionally, on the inside of the lid, you will find a zippered compartment where you can store even more equipment. It is perfect for extra sets of flights and other accessories.


The Ace Case. has a very compact form and is very easy to carry around in your hands. On its width, it measures a mere 105 millimeters. Lengthwise it measures 185 millimeters, and it has a depth of 22 millimeters. The quality of the materials used for its manufacture makes it possible for Harrows to offer a durable product that is very light. The Ace Case weighs in at approximately 141 grams.

Let me tell you a little secret. The case is advertised as having space for one full set of three darts. That is a lie though; because there is enough space inside the case for storing up to 6 darts. Just slide a spare set of barrels into the spaces between each inset slot. (for this to work you would have to remove the flights from the spare set.)

The Ace Case is small, but for its size, it can hold a surprising quantity of equipment. The zippered compartment and the extra space in between the primary inset slots provide way more space than you initially expect.


Inside of Harrows Ace dart case

This is, easily, one of the highest quality cases I have seen. In the slim wallet case category, it offers the most space. The materials used for its manufacture are all high quality. The hard rubber exterior is solid and provides fantastic protection. The nylon interior is well stitched. The zippered compartment feels sturdy. Harrows are the world’s leading and most widely distributed darts brand in the world. If you are looking for a pocket case, you can’t go wrong with the Harrows Ace Case.