Thankfully, the game of darts has a relatively accessible cost of entry. Initially, you will just need a set of darts; however, with time, as you get hooked and grow to love the game, you will acquire additional equipment, sets of darts, accessories, and tools. If your collection of dart supplies consists of more than an extra set of flights, you will need a quality case to carry things around, as well as a means to keep your gear safe.

If you do a web search for “Dart case” you will promptly receive dozens of pages of results. These results will contain prices that range from inexpensive to outrageous. If you are looking to carry darts for more than one person or just want to have everything you would possibly need on hand, the case I recommend for the player who wants to carry an arsenal around it the Case Master Legion Aluminum Dart Case It is priced very reasonably, has a solid build, and can hold everything you could need.

Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case Holds 9 Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts with Extra Space to Keep Flights in Shape, and Numerous Pockets and Tubes for Storage of Accessories
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Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case Holds 9 Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts with Extra Space to Keep Flights in Shape, and Numerous Pockets and Tubes for Storage of Accessories
  • Tough Aluminum Shell - Aluminum is the perfect case material as it provides strength in a lightweight, easy to carry package.
  • Holds Nine Darts - Enough storage space for nine darts, three complete sets!
  • Expanded Storage - Tons of additional storage space for everything else you need at a dart outing: twelve pockets for extra flights and ten mini pockets for shafts and and large pocket for bigger needs.
  • Additional Compartments - Additional plastic compartments provide additional protection for smaller accessories like extra soft tips.

GLD Quality

Before we dive headfirst into the Casemaster Legion, let us talk about GLD. Great Lakes Darts Products has grown into one of the world’s leading dart companies. For over 35 years, Great Lakes Darts products, have innovated, iterated, and advanced the game of darts and its accessory market. They are synonymous with high quality, long-lasting, and affordable gear.

Their Casemaster line of products is without a doubt one of the industry’s premier lines of cases and bags. The Legion Aluminum Dart Case represents the very best of GLD Products’ materials and design innovation and reliability. GLD Casemaster is a seal of quality, and you can rest assured the Legion Aluminum Dart Case is no exception to this rule.

Game Of Darts On The Go

Sure, you can get by with just having a single set of darts to play a game, but why would you limit your experience and potentially handicap yourself. Sometimes your night is just off, and all you need is a switch in darts to get back into your groove. With the stylish Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case, you can safely carry your accessories and be ready for some full-on darts action at any time.

It is the ultimate solution to your dart’s accessories transportation. It boasts a sturdy, lightweight construction. The outside of the case is made of hard plastic with aluminum trim and is designed to look like a security briefcase. So much so that if it had a handcuff attached people would think you are carrying nuclear codes.

The Casemaster Legion is a premier case; let us take a closer look at what it offers:


The Legion stands out from the rest of the hard cases on the market because it strikes the perfect balance between transportability and storage space. The Casemaster Legion was designed to hold and secure nine fully assembled darts. You can safely and firmly store three sets of fully assembled darts and remain confident that the flights won’t bend and the tips won’t dull. It also comes with twelve pockets for extra flights, an additional ten mini sleeves for replacement shafts, two lidded tubes for tips, and other small and easily misplaced accessories. There is one last pocket that has been included as a functional wallet, so you can safely store your IDs, membership cards, driver’s license, and even cash.

There is so much space inside; you won’t know what to do with it. Extra dart sets, flights, shafts, tips; everything you or a friend might possibly need. But it is so roomy you can easily squeeze in some non-standard equipment. I keep a quarter at the end of my tube in case we need to flip, a pen and pad to keep score or make notes. Even my own chalk with holder. It is not just a case it is a dart kit in a box. The only thing I can not fit in is a dartboard.


I’m a big guy. I’m not gentle with stuff. This is one of the sturdiest cases I have used. It has been engineered to be both exceptionally durable and highly portable. After so many years in the industry, GLD Products is aware of the importance of manufacturing lightweight products. They have built a case that is strong enough to protect your equipment yet light enough that carrying it around. GLD Products has been using high-grade aluminum alloys in their premier cases for years, and it is what allows them to offer such high quality, lightweight, and durability. Remember that aluminum alloy components are highly corrosion resistant. The hard construction on this product will keep your gear safe for years. Mine has a few dings on it but like I said, I’m not exactly gentle, and I have been throwing it around for two years! The Casemaster Legion case will not bend or buckle; this thing can survive bumps and bruises that could demolish inferior cases.


The Legion’s nine interior dart slots are molded from high-quality, high-density, foam so that your fully assembled darts are held securely and firmly. I must admit. When I saw the foam, I was worried. I didn’t think the spongy material would survive constant use. But as I mentioned before my case is well past the 2-year mark, and you would never know from looking at it. You can run about town with this case in hand and rest assured that your darts will not come loose and rattle about inside the case. Each dart is held snugly in place by the foam insert. The foam is dense enough to protect the delicate dart tips; whether you use soft or hard ones, the inset will protect them. The pockets are all solidly cut from thick, high-quality fiber; GLD Products also did a superb job with the stitching. As soon as you take a peek inside you know that your money was well spent. The design has a great ability to keep everything in place. I even have things like money and pens positioned in odd places (where nothing should be). When I open it up, everything is right where I left it every time.


The Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is equipped with a solid metal buckle locking system. Two soundly built, heavy-duty metal buckles provide functional locks so that it remains closed at all times. I have forgotten to close both locks sometimes, and everything stayed closed and in place with just one locked. The fasteners are the same kind you find on standard briefcases and are easy to operate. These things will not come undone by themselves, but you can pop them open with one hand for effortless access to your entire kit. The outside of the case is plain gorgeous; the aluminum bright silver tones highlight the dusk-black panels on the front and back. An aluminum handle sits atop the case for ease of transport.


I think it is pretty evident by now that I love this dart case. With the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case, you get unbelievable storage space and a sturdy build manufactured with exceptionally high-quality materials. The GLD quality shines through in this stylish, highly durable, and highly portable design. The Casemaster Legion measures 27.9 cm by 20.3 cm by 10.2 cm and weighs in at just less than 1 kilogram; nevertheless, you get space for nine fully assembled darts and tons of extra accessories such as flights, shafts, tips, and various tools.

In its price range, you will not find a higher quality product for the serious dart enthusiast. In fact, the folks at GLD Products have expertly designed a case that confidently punches well above its weight class. A solid 90-day warranty backs the product, in the event any issues do arise. GLD Products is a company that knows the game of darts and understands what a darts player needs, so they made sure the Casemaster Legion Dart Case ticked all the boxes.

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