Are you a good darts player? Are you looking for a new darts game? Are you looking for a challenge? Great! Let’s talk about how to play Mulligan darts.

Mulligan darts is a game that focuses on hitting triples. There are 7 targets in play (including the bullseye). You need to hit 3 triples to close out each number, then finish off with 3 darts the center bull.

Obviously, this is not a game for beginners. Hitting a triple can be hard enough, but hitting a triple 3 times would make this game frustrating for anyone new to the game.

Let’s take a closer look at all the details of how Mulligan is played.

Rules Of Mulligan Darts

Before you start a game of Mulligan you must decide on the numbers in play.

You can just choose arbitrary numbers or have each player throw darts with their off hand and use whichever number they land on. You will need to decide on a total of 6 numbers to use.

The final target is always the center bull.

Once the numbers have been determined, each player will take turns throwing their 3 darts at the first number.

A player must close out a number by hitting 3 triples of that number before they can move on to the next number. All 3 triples do not need to be in the same round.

Once a player closes out a number they move on to next number down the list. Unlike cricket, the closed number is still in play for the other players and they too must also close it out before they can move on.

You must close out the numbers in order. If you hit a triple for one of the numbers that are further down the board it does not count.

The first player to close out all 6 numbers and the double bull wins.

How To Score Mulligan Darts

Once the numbers have been decided you will write the players (or teams) names across the top of the boards and the numbers in play as well as the bull down the left side.

When a player scores their first triple on the active number you will mark it with a / under there name and beside that number.

When they score their second triple they will get a \ (making an X).

Once the player scores their 3rd triple you will circle the X with an O and they can move on to the next number.

This continues down the board until one player or team has closed off the bullseye.

Mulligan Darts Variation

You can play Mulligan darts with any number of players but if you have players of varying skill levels, you may wish to set up team play. While the better player will prop up the newbies, it gives the new players a chance to play a harder game and learn the rules.

Rather than choosing arbitrary numbers, Mulligan becomes a more targeted practice game if you choose your own number. You can focus on the popular triple 20s, 19s, and 18s, (even doing each twice) or you can choose any triple you want to get better at.

Mulligan Darts Tips And Strategies

I can’t really think of any. Mulligan is a game of pure skill with a well laid out road map of what you have to hit. The better you get at darts, the better you will be at Mulligan.