How To Play Bob’s 27 Darts

How To Play Bob's 27 Darts

Unless you are planning to go pro, you are probably playing darts for fun. Sure there is a little competition involved whether you are in a pub, league, or just with friends but nothing serious.

While most games are designed to be a test of skill, some games are designed specifically to improve those skills.

One of the most important skills you can learn for 501 or 301 is doubling out. If you need to practice those doubles, its time to learn how to play Bobs 27.

To play Bobs 27 darts you start with a score of 27 points and shoot for doubles in order. If your dart hits a double the points are added to your score. If all 3 darts miss, you subtract the points.

It was invented by dart pro Bob Anderson for the sole purpose of practicing doubles. Not only is it a great practice game, but it is also a great solo game, although you can play with friends.

Let’s take a look a Bobs 27

Rules Of Bobs 27 Darts

Dartboard Double Two

Each player starts with a score of 27. You will be throwing at a specific double each round starting at 1 and ending at the bull, so there are 21 rounds total.

When shooting, only the doubles count. If you hit the double for that round, the total of its points is added to your score. If you miss, the points are deducted from your score.

If your score gets to zero, your game is over.

Scoring Bobs 27 Darts

There are a couple of ways to score Bobs 27 if you are just playing for general practice, you can keep a running total in your head. Get 6 points in the first round and your score is 33. You just need to remember that for the next round and add your scored points up before removing your darts from the board.

If you are working hard to improve your game, I suggest chalking each round individually.

Mark the numbers 1 to 20 and B down the left side of the board then make 2 columns for each player. One column for the points scored that round and another column to keep a running total.

Why mark it down if you can score it in your head?

To look for weaknesses in your game. After you play a few rounds you may notice you are always missing 4s. Or maybe 4s, 13, and 6s. It should then become clear you are weak on the right side of the board and you can adjust your training accordingly.

A perfect score in Bob’s 27 would be 1437.

Bob’s 27 Tips And Strategies

The only tip I can give is to record scores as I mentioned above. Knowing where your weaknesses are will help you to improve your game and avoid early finishes.

Your score should always be odd. If you are even, you made a mistake.

About Bob Anderson

Robert Charles “Bob” Anderson is a former World Champion darts player from Winchester, England. Nicknamed The Limestone Cowboy, he was the number one ranked player for most of the late ’80s

Bob won the World Professional Championship in 1988 and was the first darts player to win the Winmau World Masters for three successive years an was one of the players who helped to for the PDC as we know it today.

Shortly after his championships, he took some time off to have surgery for a back issue. He returned to the world of darts and continued to play as a pro for many years later. Bob has appeared in several youtube videos where he gives tips and advice to players of all skill levels


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  1. I am a smart guy (well, my wife thinks so anyway) but I am very confused by the rules of the game to be honest. I think a few concrete examples are in order if possible.

    1 — Ok, I start out throwing at double 1. Let’s say 1 get 1 in, and the other 2 fly all over the place (I am a rank beginner) and don’t even hit the 1, let alone the double 1. What do I do?

    2 — Above when you say if ALL3 miss, you subtract “the points”. How many points do you subtract? For the “1” case would that be 6 points?

    3 — Again, what if you throw a partial hit and miss pattern? 1 or 2 hit and the third misses? How do you calculate what to do?

    My best guess is that for each number, each dart counts. If you hit it, you add the score (2 x target) and if you miss you subtract the score (2 x target) . Is that correct?

    • If you hit, you move up the total points scored. If you get one in the double one, your score would move up by two. two darts in double on and you would move up four. When subtracting, you only move down the total of the spot on the board, so if you miss all three darts you only subtract 2.

    • Do yourself a favour and download my dart training app. I just beat bobs 27 tonight by myself for the first time ever. But if you miss double 1 with 3 darts you subtract 2 off of 27. If you hit 3 double ones you add 6 to your score. And same for the following numbers!

      Good luck I thought I’d never be able to beat it but I hit 3 double 16s tonight and a red bull and I ended up winning! This game is so frustrating and hard but I like winning so keep at it. If you get to double 7 your doing ok lol

  2. Thanks for the tips Shaun I’m 76 and not too long ago 100s and 140s were not uncommon I stopped for 3 years and am now lucky to score 60 but I get 2 darts in triple 1 or 5 regularly is there a solution to my problem appreciate an help you can give thank you in advance Ed Rainman Douglas

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