When you first start to get serious about darts, you soon discover that what at first looked like a simple, straightforward game, actually has layers upon layers of complexity. This complexity may manifest in various forms, not the least important of which are the physical characteristics of your darts.

Darts can be broken down into a few essential components such as the tip, the barrel, the shaft, and the flight. Each of these components has a corresponding number of variables that, when taken as a whole, change the way a dart flies.

One of the most influential of these variables is weight, and one of the most common questions I get around here is, what are the heaviest darts you can buy?

The heaviest darts you can buy and use on the professional level are 50 grams. These are incredibly heavy darts. Most players use a dart somewhere around the 21-25 gram range.

These 48 gram Red Dragon Darts were the heaviest we could find on Amazon.

Which makes sense. 50g is the maximum including stems and flights, so once you get into this range, you have to be careful not to go over

Why Is Dart Weight So Important?

The weight of your dart will be one of the most variable factors for you to consider. Deciding how heavy to go is a highly personal decision because it will determine, to a quite significant degree, your throwing technique.

For example, heavier darts tend to have a straighter, less parabolic flight through the air, which must be accounted for and compensated. Heavier darts demand higher precision with each shot.

On the other hand, lighter darts have a more forgiving trajectory through the air, which makes them perfect for beginner to intermediate level players.

What Makes A Dart Heavier?

Dart weight is mostly determined by the size and material of the barrel. While there are a few different types of alloys used to make steel tip darts, none is more popular than the ones containing tungsten.

Because tungsten is so dense, darts containing high amounts of tungsten are heaviest for their size compared to their lighter brass or nickel counterparts.

What Is The Most Common Dart Weight?

The most common dart weight is in the range of 21 to 25 grams. While some players can comfortably use 30-gram darts, these are too heavy for most people.

Using darts around the 50-gram mark is something very few professionals do and is certainly not recommended for the average player.

How Heavy Should Your Darts Be?

The best place to start is in the average 21-25 gram range. The weight of your darts is highly personal and depends on a variety of factors.

When you are just getting started is difficult to know what you like and find what works for you. If you can, try someone else’s darts. Hopefully, they have a variety of darts you can test. If there is a dart store nearby, most places will let you try before you buy.

Darts are a very personal sport; after all, you step up to the oche by yourself. Therefore, only you can decide what truly works. If you perform well with a specific weight, even if it is on the heavier side of the spectrum, do not change just because someone might tell you that they are too heavy.

Feeling comfortable and having confidence are arguably the two most important factors during play.