The right tools have the power to enhance any activity in which you participate, and this is especially true when talking about darts. Having the right dart supplies will elevate your game and make a noticeable impact on your performance.

It will be practically impossible to improve if you encounter problems and issues for which you have no solution, which is why the items on this list are some of the unsung heroes of the dart world.

While none of these are essential to play, having them in your inventory will make sure you are prepared for anything that comes your way. And I speak from experience as I personally own and use all of these products.

Check out these five AWESOME dart supplies you didn’t know you needed until now.

Dart World O-Rings-Pack Of 100

Dart O-Rings

These are called many things around the world; some will know them as toric joints, others will remember them as packing or washers, but in the world of darts, we call these flexible little gaskets, “O” Rings.

Typically made of rubber, but sometimes made out of various other polymers, the lowly “O” Ring is perhaps one of the most overlooked and underappreciated tools in the dart arsenal.

If you are asking yourself what they do, let me tell you.

Remember that the darts we play with, although small, are made up out of a few distinct components. The rubberized “O” Ring is designed to prevent the shaft from coming loose, from the barrel, which is of extreme importance in a sport that is quite as repetitive as darts.

In a typical game, you will throw many darts over several rounds, and the constant impacts against the boards are bound to loosen some things up.

With an “O” Ring in place, you can make sure that your shafts and barrels remain snug and tight throughout the match.

Additionally, you can also use “O” Rings to tightly secure removable dart tips as well as flight shafts.

How to use Dart World “O” Rings:

“O” Rings are extremely easy to use. You apply the rings onto the darts, between the dart shafts and the dart barrels. Once the ring is firmly in place, your darts will enjoy a much more significant, and much needed, degree of stability and will rarely ever come loose.

Dart World “O” Rings are relatively inexpensive and highly reliable, so you will be hard pressed to find a better deal than their pack of 100 rubber rings.

Dart World O-Rings-Pack of 100
  • Helps prevent shafts from loosening

Beer Mug Barrel Steel Tip Dart Sharpener Stone with Key Chain

Dart Sharpener

Ask one hundred darts players what they consider the most frustrating aspect of the game and a vast majority of them will tell you that it is the “bounce out.”

Getting your dart to land exactly where you want it to is a lot harder than most people realize, and it takes a great deal of physical ability, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and mechanical skill. When the dart hits your desired spot and doesn’t stick but rather “bounces out” off the board, it can drive many players up the wall.

“Bounce outs” can happen for a couple of different reasons, some of which are under your control and some of which are not.

Outside of your immediate control, for example, is the fact that there are plenty of low-quality dartboards out there, and unless you play exclusively on boards of your own, you are likely to encounter some during your play.

Factors that increase the likelihood of “bounce outs” that are entirely within your control, for example, include bad throws, poor positioning, poor gripping techniques, etc. These factors, however, are mitigated with time and accumulated experience.

An often overlooked cause of repeated “bounce outs” has nothing to do with how good of a player you are and everything to do with lousy dart tips. You would be surprised to learn the number of players who never think to check the end of their steel dart points.

Bumpernet’s aims to change that with the fantastic little steel tip dart sharpener. While there are a couple of valid ways to sharpen your darts, none are quicker and easier than this cute little beer mug.

Its small enough to fit in your pocket, but with the included key ring, the convenience of having a ready-to-go tip sharpener will be undeniable. It is perfect for players that are always on the go and don’t want to bother carrying some of the cumbersome tip sharpeners available on the market.

The stone is coarse enough to sharpen your tips just right and does so without having to apply too much pressure. With a good dart sharpener on hand, you will drastically reduce your “bounce outs” and become a better player for it.

DESIGNA Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain
  • Dart Sharpening Stone inside a Beer Glass keyring.
  • The stone has a hollow middle to allow you to sharpen your darts easily, and can be done from both ends of the sharpener.

Viper Broken Shaft & Dart Point Remover Tool For Steel & Soft Tip Darts

Dart Removal Tool

We have all been there at one time or another. Right in the middle of a heated game of darts, when concentration and tension levels are at an all-time high, at the most crucial moment in the match, we throw our dart, and it breaks. It can throw a wrench on your game (or evening).

Few things are more frustrating than having to struggle with a broken dart shaft or dart tip in the middle of a match, especially when surrounded by a crowd of rowdy and impatient people.

Sometimes it seems that the harder I struggle with pulling apart a broken component, the more stuck it would become. When a shaft breaks at or near the thread while it’s tightly screwed, it becomes nearly impossible to remove, rendering your dart useless.

Don’t let a broken shaft or shattered tip ruin your fun. With Viper’s broken dart shaft  & point remover tool, you will be able to promptly remove the broken component, save your dart, and move on.

Thanks to its uniquely engineered 2-piece design, this easy to use tool works on both steel tip and soft-tip darts and effectively grips even the most mangled threads.

It’s an affordable product that can extend the life of all your darts; in essence, the broken shaft and point remover tool pays for itself!

Stylish to boot, this sleek tool comes with a black finish that matches most dart cases and wallets. Additionally, it comes with an attached handy little chain to ensure you never misplace it.

Whether you are a fresh-faced newbie or an avid amateur with professional aspirations, the sheer convenience, and ease of use offered by this product will prove invaluable.

Viper by GLD Products Broken Shaft and Dart Point Remover Tool for Steel & Soft Tip Darts,Black,37-0054
  • Unique design effectively grips broken threads and removes them from the dart barrel
  • 2-piece tool works in unison to extract the damaged shaft or point
  • Extends the life of your dart barrels by removing broken shafts and points, allowing them to be replaced
  • Sleek black color is a match with most dart cases and wallets; attached chain ensures you are never without this essential tool

Winmau Bullet Shape Flight Savers (3 Sets)

Dart Flight Protector

One of the most crucial components of a dart is the dart flight. Dart flights are essentially miniature versions of the types of fletching found at the end of traditional arrows. These little plastic fins provide the necessary aerodynamic stabilization for your dart to be able to fly straight.

Finding the right flight for the right dart is extremely important because the velocity, acceleration, and pitch of your dart throw will depend on it. Prolonging the life of your flight is one of the reasons why using flight protectors is so helpful. The other reason is increasing your scores.

Remember that the game of darts is a game of averages and close clustering, and when darts being to cluster together on the dartboard, impacts, and the occasional Robin Hood, become a factor.

While dart flights are reasonably inexpensive and relatively easy to replace, repeated strikes from clustering darts will make short work of their durability.

Winmau, one of the industry’s leading brands, seeks to eliminate this problem with their flight savers. These small, bullet shaped, metal protectors come in black or No products found.. They slot onto the end of your darts so that an incoming dart will be deflected if it hits the flight of a dart that is already on the dartboard. This not only saves wear and tear on your flight but ensures the dart thrown has a better chance of making it to the board.

There are other flight protectors on the market, but this one has a stylish finish that gives the impression of being way more expensive than they are. Composed of a high-quality metal alloy, these protectors have been knurled to provide maximum grip and protection against sweaty fingers.


Dart Add a Grams

When it comes to darts, you can not overstate the importance of weight and balance. The weight, and its distribution, of your darts, is perhaps one of the most variable and personal factors to directly affect your performance.

As a general rule, heavier darts help more precise throws but require a higher level of technical skill, while lighter darts are perfect for beginners who rely much less on accuracy. For this reason, most dart manufacturers offer product lines ranging in weight from as light as 16-gram darts to 50-gram behemoths.

Although it is true that the majority of players perform well with darts that weigh in around 20 grams, the high degree of variability between different dart models, brands, when compounded by personal preference, means that having a set of precise and easily interchangeable weights becomes extremely important as you develop your skill.

For just a few bucks you get six individual solid weights; 1 set of 2-gram weights and 1 set 1-gram weights. Additionally, for added value and convenience, you receive four sets of “O” Rings.

This means that you can quickly and effortlessly, adjust the weight of your darts in increments of 1, 2, or 3 grams (if you use both).

Every dart player will have personal preferences, which means this set of weights is perfect if you have children that like to play together but have vastly different skill levels and throwing techniques.

US Darts - 2 Sets (6) Add-A-Grams 2BA - 1 Set Brass 2 Grams + 1 Set Brass 1 Grams + 4 Sets of O'Rings
  • 2 sets (6) 2BA (small size, 3/16in) Add-A-Grams - A set of 2 Gram Alloy + a set of 1 Gram Brass
  • Add an extra 1, 2, or 3 grams to your darts
  • We also include 4 sets of O'rings to lock the Add-A-Grams to your darts and aluminum shafts to the Add-A-Grams
  • 1 sets (6)